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New printed workbooks Mathweeks is NOW available as a printed workbook within India.

The Mathweeks program is exclusively designed for children between ages 5 and 12 to create healthy study habits and joyful learning in math! The 240 pages Mathweeks Workbook has 40 tutorsheets explaining a concept and 5 worksheets each (200 worksheets) dealing with concepts simplified with the help of illustrations, stories and helpful hints.

Mathweeks is available in 5 levels.

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Have fun with math
Level A (Book)
Our First Proper Introduction to numbers, and how they work!
  • Numbers 1 - 100.
  • Time: Hours minutes and days.
  • Basic geometry: Identifying shapes.
  • Single digit additions.
  • Solid figures.
  • Introduction to measurement.
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Level B (Book)
Larger numbers, more operations - we’re now learning to play with our new friends
  • Numbers 1 - 500.
  • Fractions: Half and quarter.
  • Time and Money.
  • Addition and Subtraction.
  • Data gathering and graphs.
  • Measurements and estimation.
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Level C (Book)
Time for some real fun now! And surprise, multiplication tables are so much fun too!
  • Numbers 1 - 999.
  • Data representation.
  • Multistep operations.
  • Multiplication and division.
  • Fractions - unit fractions.
  • Area and perimeter.
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Level D (Book)
Advanced arithmetic, prime numbers, algebra - we’re on our way to mathemagic!
  • Numbers 1 - 9999.
  • Fractions and their types.
  • Angles and triangles.
  • Division with remainders.
  • Mixed multi-operations & brackets.
  • Factors and multiples.
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Level E (Book)
Numbers, letters, points and planes: moving from concrete to abstract
  • Numbers upto 99999.
  • Decimal Fractions.
  • Triangles and their properties.
  • Concept of percentages.
  • LCM and HCF.
  • Area and perimeter.
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