Everyone is a Math lover

Mathweeks is not just for children. It is aimed at removing the stigma behind the subject, to reveal its beauty and glory to parents, educators and curious learners alike!


Spend quality time with your children, and watch
as they learn.

  • Communicate
  • Nurture
  • Map progress
  • No ‘sitting-down to study’
  • Home schooling


Engage. Interact. Show them math in an all-new light.

  • Graded simple-to-complex approach
  • A daily math habit
  • Pencil + Paper + Mind = Maximum retention
  • Minus stress, plus enjoyment


Your math assistant in classrooms, and for homework!

  • An all-new way of teaching math
  • Homework support
  • Starting point for concepts
  • Cutting-edge methods
  • Alternative to text book structures
  • Better rates for bulk orders


Have a fascination towards math? Age is no bar!

  • Think mathematically
  • Create an objective frame of mind
  • Observe patterns everywhere
  • It was never tough!


A superb supplement the formal math curriculum

  • Besides showing that your school has the intent to to explore new avenues for more effective education, a Mathweeks program gives you an alternative take compared to textbook structures. Since we shall be reaching many more students through your school, our programs are available to you for discounted rates.


Math should be fun for everyone! Do your bit for
the society

  • Lack of quality education for the underprivileged segments of the society is one of the largest hurdles that we face today as a country. As a socially responsible corporate, we urge you to sponsor a Mathweeks program for children of communities that do not have the means to pay for quality education, so that they can enjoy and grow with math in the best possible manner. These activities are conducted through registered charities and provide specific measurable results. Our charges for all CSR activities are decided on a no-profit basis.
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