The Minds Behind Mathweeks

Developed with passion and a few decades of collective professional experience, there is a lot that goes into the making of Mathweeks. It’s a great ride, and it’s all for you!


The Driving Force

  • Mathweeks is the brainchild of Edufactors Private Limited, a Pune-based company involved in new-age education. Fuelled by the vision and passion of educationist Subbalakshmi Kumar and marketing guru S Kumar, Edufactors works towards changing the way we look at child development and learning.


  • Active researchers develop the curriculum of Mathweeks, and help maintain international standards of math learning and achievement


  • Experienced in the ways of young minds, Educators simplify curriculum into a 40 week structures and break it down into easy understandable concepts, ideas and methods

Content Writers

  • Creative pen-pushers create the weekly modules based on the structure, concepts, ideas and methods with freshness and easy interpretation in view

Artists & Designers

  • Our digital wizards add the visuals, present the content in logical layouts and finally give it the beautiful shape to make it attractive to the child
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